Expert profile
Name Dr. S. Fred Singer
Job title climate physicist
Organization Science & Environmental Policy Project
Expertise Dr. Singer is internationally known for his work on climate, energy and environmental issues. He was the founding dean of the School of Environmental and Planetary Sciences at the Univ. of Miami, first director of the U.S. National Weather Satellite Service and served five years as the chairman of the U.S. National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmospheres. He founded the Science & Environmental Policy Project in 1990, which he heads. He has written several books and monographs on global warming, including Global Climate Change (1989), Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate (1997), Climate Policy ' From Rio to Kyoto (2002), and most recently, Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years (2006). He is currently professor emeritus of environmental science at UVA and serves as Distinguished Research Professor at George Mason University. He completed his undergraduate studies at Ohio State University and earned his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton.
Country / Region United States

Information officer profile
Name Jacob Seal
Job title SIO