Expert profile
Name Christopher Chenoweth
Job title Founder / CIO
Organization CDYNE
Expertise Christopher Chenoweth has been an expert executive-level Web-based applications developer (XML Web services) since 1999. He started CDYNE at 22 and has been providing scalable automatic information and contact solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike ever since. Chris¿s expertise lies in seeing a need in the marketplace and designing applications to provide better and more efficient solutions to the changing and growing demands of organizations through seamless integration and low or no maintenance. The Web services he develops deal specifically with fraud prevention, data enhancement, and mass contact. His hobbies fit the same profile, since he loves to tinker with tech creations like his current GPS lawnbot project. Chris believes that organizations in the 21st century ¿and especially in the current economy ¿ should focus on implementing the latest technology to streamline their operations and increase productivity.
Country / Region United States