Beyond Queries: A Rundown of ProfNet for Journalists


If you’re a journalist, you’ve likely used ProfNet to submit a query for experts, but did you know we have other services, beyond queries, that can help you find expert sources quickly – and at no cost?
Expert Alerts
Via Expert Alerts, you receive an email alerting you to experts who are available to talk about timely topics related to your coverage area. Alerts include the expert’s info, a brief quote regarding the expert's knowledge on the topic, a link to the expert’s bio and social media profile(s), and direct contact info for the PR person and/or expert. You can view examples of Expert Alerts here.

Expert Alerts cover the following topics and are sent out weekly in one edition:
  • Business, Finance & Technology
  • Government, Law, Education & Science
  • Health, Entertainment & Living
To sign up for any (or all) editions of Expert Alerts, drop us a line at

If you ever have any questions about ProfNet and any of our services, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at