Register as a Journalist

Registering with PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ) provides you with several benefits:

First, your information is saved with ProfNet, meaning your basic information (name, news outlet and email address) is automatically filled in when you submit a query. Please note: the online “Submit a ProfNet query” form has been removed.You must be registered with PR Newswire for Journalists to submit a query.
Second, you gain access to PRNJ's journalists-only website and its variety of services, which include:

Access to an archive of press releases distributed via PR Newswire, including embargoed material, dating back several years.

View the application in four languages -- English, Spanish, French or German -- and press releases in over 16 languages.

Use of My PR Newswire, which allows you to set up a profile based on geographic relevance, industry, company name, language, ticker symbol or keyword. Releases are then posted to your My PR Newswire page automatically and in real-time.

Email delivery lets you select when and how often you receive news releases. You can also choose to receive full text, abstracts, or just headlines.

Downloadable images, including corporate logos and photos of celebrities, executives, products and events to help you supplement your story.

RSS feeds and podcasts, filterable by industry.

Embeddable Web widget that allows you to receive our feeds right onto your blog, personalized page and website.

And, as with all of our services for journalists, it’s FREE. Register now.