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John Fendt, Patriot News Organization and Freelancer:

"I have used your service numerous times now and it is simply amazing! The experts I have been put in touch with have all been stellar and really helped my articles shine!"

Melissa Fiorenza, Freelance Writer and Author of "Twentysomething Girl"
"When it comes to finding experts, I can always count on ProfNet. The service is so easy to use, and the team there is incredibly quick and responsive whenever I need assistance."

Julia Haskins, Freelancer: 
"I've gotten some of the best responses from experts for my stories using ProfNet, and I always have a ton to choose from. I can connect with the perfect sources quickly and easily."

Nicholas Pell, Freelancer:
"ProfNet allows me to connect with the professionals and experts that I need to do my job. I know that when I put out a request on ProfNet that's what I'm going to get -- not people trying to sell apps or casual dabblers looking to make a name for themselves. Their staff is courteous, but above all, helpful, assisting me in crafting my requests for maximum impact and engagement."

Heidi Russell, Freelance Editor, Writer:
“Thank you for featuring me as a guest on #ConnectChat. Within five minutes of the chat starting, I had an email from the executive editor of a national publication, asking for pitches. It can't be a coincidence. I also made connections with about 10 new people who are PR pros. One of them wants to hook me up with a source on women's issues in the military, which would make a great topic for the publications I write for. This whole thing was a real gift, and I am grateful.”

Ruth Dunley, Postmedia Digital (Ontario, Canada):
"I often need sources quickly and on a range of topics for live chats we conduct on our network of news websites — we discuss everything from current events to lifestyle, sports, entertainment and business. ProfNet is an invaluable tool in my daily search for authoritative voices from around the world."

James Burnett, The Boston Globe:
"I’ve been using ProfNet for years to track down expert sources, often on very short notice. I’m always impressed with the ProfNet staff’s professionalism and ability to facilitate connections between journalists and the experts we seek. And as batting averages go, I’ve very very rarely connected with an expert on ProfNet who wasn’t extremely qualified to discuss my topic and very articulate in their insights."

Jon Wells, Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada) and Author, "Death's Shadow" (Dundurn):
"I've been using ProfNet for years, it is my go-to source when I'm under the gun on deadline and need a quality source, fast. Thank you, ProfNet."

Meghan Casserly, Forbes Magazine:
"ProfNet has been a real life-saver when working on service-oriented web stories on tight deadlines. It’s a great source to find experts on a wide variety of topics who are prepared to go as in-depth as I need them. For me it’s been helpful both in sourcing one-time quick-hit sources as well as those that I’ve developed long-term relationships with."

Rich Mintzer, Freelancer:
“You guys always help me connect with experts -- great service! I mention the service to everyone and particularly note how easy it is to use, unlike so many other services (of all types) that are user-unfriendly.”

Daniel Wood, The Christian Science Monitor:
"ProfNet is a crucial and incalculably fabulous resource for journalists. It connects you with top experts everywhere very quickly with great precision -- experts most didn't/don't even know existed as well as those at the top universities, research groups, advocacy organizations. I use it all the time and wouldn't be without it. Synonyms: critical, invaluable, key, vital, necessary, all-important, priceless, inestimable."

Judy Farah, KFBK-AM (CA):
"I got a boatload of great responses. You guys/gals are the best!"

Sheree Curry, Freelancer for AOL Real Estate, AOL HousingWatch and others:
“ProfNet is a lifesaver when I am on deadline.”

Adam Stone, Freelancer for Military Times Edge, Twin Cities Business Journal, and more:
“I love ProfNet. As a freelancer who writes on a broad range of topics, I can't imagine doing my job without this service. I get solid, useful results virtually every time from diverse and interesting sources. It makes my job vastly easier and makes available to my readers a greater depth and breadth of views than I could deliver if I were out there slogging away on my own. Thanks.”

Eileen Figure Sandlin, Entrepreneur Press:
"I just wanted to say thanks for the great work all of you do at ProfNet. While I usually can drum up my own leads to sources for my articles and books, occasionally I need help, and ProfNet has been absolutely wonderful. Responses from qualified people always come in fast after my opportunity is posted, and the responses invariably lead me to just the right source. I'm sure every journalist who uses ProfNet is grateful for the help, but I'm not sure many take the time to let you know. So thank you very much!”

Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor:
“ProfNet is an invaluable service, I frequently hear from sources I would not have even considered and whose input both broadens and deepens the stories I'm working on. I have come to count on interesting, prompt and thoughtful responses. My only regret is that I frequently get far more than I can use for a newspaper story. I guess I'll just have to get that book career going!”

Amy Nichol Smith, The Monitor:
“ProfNet is always the most efficient way for me to find an expert for a quote for an article. Thank you for the service!”

Judy Mandell, Freelancer for Los Angeles Times, USA Today and more:
"What would I do without ProfNet?"

Fran Lysiak, BestWeek/BestWire:
"Love your service!"

Elysia Nest, Daily Gazette (NY):
"I have to tell you again how much I love this service. Time and time again, it has provided me with just the right sources to make my stories shine. Thank you!"

John Buchanan, Freelancer for Corporate & Incentive Travel, The Conference Board Review and others:
"I currently write regularly for 12 national magazines, and ProfNet is a critical tool for me on every story I do, whether for a business magazine or a travel magazine. And it never fails! I always get great sources, no matter the topic. I also use your expert listings, as well, to equal success. Please consider me your number-one fan in the journalistic community."

Steve Weinstein, Freelancer for Crain’s New York Business, The Village Voice, The Advocate and more:
“Love your service. As an editor, I recommend it to all of my reporters.”

Emery Jeffreys,
"I've had great response from readers on stories using sources from ProfNet."

Tara Crooks, Army Wife Talk Radio:
“We’re always looking for relevant, interesting, and innovative guests to share information with our military spouses, and ProfNet yields quite the crop!”


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